This is Home | Our Favorite Things

When I started to think about how to describe what home is to me, I got a bit stuck. There are many aspects of our home that I could detail, from the light that pours through the front door this time of year, to how much dirt I keep finding under our couch.  Over multiple days, I looked for what I could capture that might mean something to me years from now.

I began to notice how mismatched some of our paint colors are.  I noticed that my bathroom mirror is desperate for a cleaning.  I also noticed that despite my lack of interior design skills, the house looks and feels like our own.  There are little objects lying everywhere that hint quietly at the occupants that live within the walls of our home.  These favorite items of ours tell the story of who we are and what we love and that’s what I’d love to share.

  • Duplo creations that end up piled on a shelf, waiting for another playtime
  • fridge magnets, constantly being rearranged
  • blankets strewn about, acting as rocks and capes and even turtle shells
  • a rather large selection of toothbrushes for my two kids, because we like options
  • “kitty shampoo” hidden among the adult selections
  • my camera gear boxes tucked safely into the closet
  • a baseball and glove lying in wait
  • new rubber boots hoping for a rainy day
  • posters tacked all over my son’s room alongside a table filled with half assembled Lego creations
  • my daughter’s book selection that gets looked through nightly

I know these favorites will change as the years go by.  I’m happy to have a record of them today.a photo of duplo and magnetsa photo of a living roomtwo photos of bathroom itemsa photo of a baseball glovea photo of rubber bootsphotos of items in a childkatie1-7182


Hi there!  I’m Katie and I’m a storytelling and documentary photographer based in Edmonton, Alberta.   I’m married to an awesome guy and along with our two kids, dog, and three cats, we fill our house with laughs and general chaos.  I’m passionate about capturing day to day life and the regular juggle of parenthood.  I can regularly be found climbing my couch, under a table, or sneaking around corners, looking for a better vantage point to shoot from.  When I’m not behind the camera I’m generally on the floor with my kids, coffee in hand.   WEBSITE  |  FACEBOOK