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In every way, a home is what you make of it. The place where you hang your heart on the wall for all to see can look like anything you wish. A home is where you build your love & grow your roots. Where you pour out all that you are for the sake of your family, intentional in every way. Quickly I became discouraged because our home doesn’t look like so many others. Both my husband & I are minimalists to our core. We are organizers in the deepest depths of who we are. During the week my husband attends school 1.5 hours away while I work an 8 to 5 job & care for our dams llama of a toddler. In order to survive during these months of organized chaos I found my save haven in all of those rigid routines & organizational compulsions. We are in a season of repetition & I’m striving to find beauty in that every day. Each evening I do the same thing, in the same order, at the same time, in the same way. I operate with weekly menus, weekly to do lists, a monthly calendar all taped to the side of my fridge with post it’s galore. I always say there should be a post it club, like wine clubs. All of this is done so that weekends are for intentional family outings.

So when I went to photograph our home there were no toys strewn about the carpet, no dishes piled high & although the floors have their fair share of dog hair metropolis, it is relatively clutter free. For a bit I felt bad cause I didn’t want to be seen as that “pintrest” mom, but honestly my ADD survival skills & OCD quirks are what keep this house functioning. For that I’m proud of what our home represents to us. I look around & I see a place where our love so evidently displayed on the walls. The intentionality shines bright, giving me endurance for the next day.

Just as each one of us is different, so are the stories that lie between the walls of our home.


Lifestyle Photographer Corvallis Oregon

Daddy comes home on Fridays!

BeachTrips-40-1024x682-150x150 I am a lifestyle family photographer based in Corvallis Oregon. God blessed me with the most amazing husband who happens to be the once boy next door & friend since 7th grade. We live in a small old farm home surrounded by the grass fields with the moo-moos as my son calls them (you have to make the sound when you say that). I was captivated by lifestyle/storytelling photography once we welcomed our baby boy Elijah. Soon enough I became obsessed with documenting every new trick, milestone & all of those little baby quirks I so quickly forget. During photography sessions you’ll most likely find me rolling around on the floor making a fool of herself with the kiddos. My husband & I are both bonafied workaholics, avid outdoorsy adventurers, a deep lover of soulful bluegrass folk, spending time as a social butterfly & learning more every day about loving God.