love the imperfections

Below is my fifth time shooting a day in the life but my first time adding video to it. I just finished Xanthe Berkeley’s workshop Creating Time Capsules and this was my final assignment. The biggest thing I took away from her workshop, which really got my creative juices flowing and my brain thinking in motion, is to let go of having to have everything perfect, especially shooting personal stuff. So for this slideshow I embraced the imperfections – from the rip in my boys window shade and my  messy house to shaky and crooked video. I have images in there that are not 100% in focus but they are only on the screen for .7 seconds so hey they are still a part of my story regardless if they are perfect or not. This is not to say I am settling and totally ok with things not being technically right, but they give me something to work towards. Shooting a day in the life with two kids and shooting video, which I am just learning, is HARD!!! I can’t even believe I made it through the day and managed to include myself in some clips too. But I am so glad I pushed myself and that I still finished this slideshow even though what I shot is not perfect. I already love having this memory of my day with my kids and their little voices included and I know I will love it even more as the years go by. See the slideshow below or follow this link!

me-3Carlee lives in south eastern Massachusetts and is a wife and a mom to a 2 year old little boy. They are expecting number 2 in the spring! She started out as a studio portrait photographer but after having her son she realized she never cared about bringing him to her studio to have the perfect background, props and outfit. She wanted pictures of him that really show who he is in his natural surroundings. She wants him to someday look back and SEE his childhood, the home he grew up in and the things he loved. And she wants this for herself too! Life is going by way to quickly for Carlee and she’s so afraid to forget any moment, big or small. After all someday today will be the good old days! So photography helps her preserve every moment:-)She is currently transitioning from a studio portrait photographer to a storytelling photographer so she can also capture these real memories for her clients. Besides photography Carlee is also a graphic designer and designs custom wedding stationery and invitations for all sorts of events. She also loves sweets and lazy nights watching her favorite TV shows snuggled up in her PJs.

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  • kelly polizzi - This is just beautiful. How I would love to have this video of my day at home with the kids. You are an awesome mommy for doing this! I would love to see the pics by themselves if you have them posted somewhere? If not, s’ok, just wanted to linger over each one cause they were striking!ReplyCancel