From the workshop – Day in the Life with Ronne Pierce

From the artist: These ten images are a sampling of a Day in the life of our family. This was my first time ever attempting a Day in the life and it was such a great learning experience. With Colie’s help I was able to hone in on the important moments and also I learned a lot about what you don’t need to include. What is special about a DITL shoot is you will push yourself to take images every hour and therefore capture moments that you otherwise ignore when doing any traditional shooting. Not to mention you learn how to handle the lighting situations in your life at every hour of the day. It was an intense process and at the end of the day I was wiped out but now looking back I am so thrilled that I did this and I will treasure these images forever. And I know I will do it many more times. You don’t get these moments back so catch them while you can.

Ronne Pierce 7-8056Ronne Pierce 8-8062Ronne Pierce 14 DITL -8075Ronne Pierce 24 DITL tele-8156Ronne Pierce 63 DITL school-8303Ronne Pierce 92 DITL PARK-8586Ronne Pierce -101-8514Ronne Pierce 135 DITL bath-8766Ronne Pierce 138-8783Ronne Pierce 143-8858

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