Documentary Family Photography Workshops

About the workshops

The Stories We Tell Workshops cover a number of topics in documentary and lifestyle storytelling photography for personal and client work.  Each workshop includes access to a private forum, weekly lessons and assignments, and daily peer and instructor feedback.

The Art of Telling Stories focuses on personal storytelling through lifestyle and documentary photography.  The Business of Telling Stories focuses on photographing client stories and building a business for documentary family photography.


The Art of Telling Stories Workshop

The Art of Telling Stories Cost: $300 A 3 week photography workshop that explores everyday photography to tell theView full post »

The Business of Telling Stories Workshop

The Business of Telling Stories – cost :$350 *Open to photographers residing outside a 60 mile radius ofView full post »

Workshop Reviews

“Colie gave incredibly meaningful and specific feedback that was worth the cost of the class alone.” Kayla Maltese

“This is exactly what Colie taught, not how to take a lifestyle image, but how to look at a moment and capture images that together would tell the story.” Jennifer Vititoe

“Since I always have my camera around I thought I took enough pictures of him, but what I didn’t know is that I wasn’t communicating a story by just picking up my camera for a couple pictures here and there because I didn’t know what to look for to tell a story.” Carlee Kettell

“Of course, we all have photographers that we admire, and there is something to be learned from all of them. Colie has a ton to teach. She is enthusiastic, diligent, and constructive. She knows her stuff! I love channeling my inner Colie sometimes when I am out shooting, such as this shot of the kids together by the shore. ” Cate Wnek

“I’ve taken a few photography classes both online and in-person. None have compared to this workshop. To say I learned a lot would be complete understatement. ” Rhea Bailey

“I think when I started the workshop I thought (hoped!) that by the end my pictures might look a bit like Colie’s. What she actually did for me was give me more confidence to be myself, and a lot of new skills and information to go forward with. ” Julia Cooke

“Colie rocks. Just sign up. That is all.  Just kidding! There is more!” Sabrina Koogler

“And prior to taking the workshop with Colie James, I couldn’t see my day to day life as something that I would want to take photographs of at all. In the middle of smushed goldfish and sticky grape jelly hands, I was hardly finding inspiration, let alone an ounce of motivation.” KaetheJo Binder

“Each week’s lessons, along with the group’s discussions and Colie’s feedback, proved to be valuable and enlightening. Colie was very open and went the extra mile to help us in any way should could. She completely exceeded my expectations!” Delania Waddell

“i’ve been participating in a fabulous class called the business of telling stories with colie james photography.  i was completely blown away by the talented group of ladies in this class, and colie is an amazing teacher.  she’s so patient with all the questions we ask her and is open to telling you ANYTHING.” Kelly Walsh Loss

“Whether it be an issue with photos or an issue with editing software, Colie James is there to help.  Even months after I have completed the workshop, Colie James  has still made herself available to assist.  This is truly a great course.  6 out of 5 without a doubt .” Carolina Santiago

“Colie’s class was AMAZING. The forum was well laid out, user friendly and the participants were wonderful. Not only is it incredibly valuable to surround yourself with people who are passionate about the same things you are, but also immensely valuable to receive regular feedback and constant access to a super talented photographer and creative stimulation is incredibly gratifying (and addictive!).  ” Angela Norlen

“As a hobbiest, this workshop gives you the tools and knowledge to document your family’s memories and everyday moments in compelling images whether it be in a single image or as part of a series of photos. I was really sad to see the end of the workshop as it really was a fabulous 6 weeks!” Jodie Byrne

“When I first came across Colie’s work, I was drawn by her uniquely authentic view of the world. Then, when I heard about her workshop, I knew it would be on my to-take list. This class has an incredible amount of information about what makes a storytelling image and how to approach a single image from different perspectives to tell a story.” Felicia Chang

“Each assignment challenged me to try new things and build on my skills. But what struck me most was the personalized feedback from Colie and Kayla. I felt constantly connected to them and my fellow workshoppers through the forum created specifically for the needs of this workshop.” Megan Hassold

“This is the greatest, most informative, applicable workshop you will ever take. End of story. In all seriousness this really is the best money I have ever spent on a workshop. Not only did I learn to strengthen my technical skills, but I gained a deeper understanding of properly documenting families, uninterrupted. ” Edith Taylor

“I want to say this is an amazing course that you could possibly invest into your business. Colie has put so much thought into the way she teaches this class. You will be blown away by so much information and how much progress you make from the first week to the last day. ” Jessica Pajimula

“I walked into this course feeling pretty defeated. In a few short weeks, Colie has managed to help me turn everything around, including my website, pricing, storytelling skills, and especiallly my attitude. I feel excited, not just by photography, but by the business of storytelling, too. Colie works tirelessly with each participant to help them determine what their personal vision is for their photography and their business, giving encouraging, yet honest feedback. ” Elisa Elliot


About the instructor

colie james documentary family photographer denver

Colie is a storytelling documentary family photographer living the good life in Boulder, Colorado with her husband of fourteen years, James, and their daughter Chloe. She loves to tell the true stories of her clients, just as they are. While her love of photography started long before the birth of her daughter, it has taken on a life of its own as she strives to capture all of her own moments and now her clients. Besides photography, she loves espresso, Thai food, any movie with Denzel Washington, and traveling.