Day in the life with 2 kiddos

This is my fourth day in the life but my first one with 2 kids. WOW was it hard to do this time! My little guy was only 2 weeks old and we still had no schedule what so ever, not even sure if we do yet and he’s now 7 weeks. Getting back into a schedule with 2 seems impossible. Shooting this day in the life was really challenging, it was difficult for me to have enough hands to keep my camera around and actually use it. Between feeding the baby, changing his diapers, helping my older son, feeding myself, GETTING DRESSED, it is challenge without a camera! But I really wanted to stick to shooting a day in the life every 3 months. It’s been awesome, and a little scary, to see how quickly things change. I am not excited about the images I got and I thought about not sharing them at all. I let a few weeks go by and now when I look at them I can already see so many changes in my life. I decided to share to show how it’s so important to take pictures even if they’re not your best work, they’re still your memories.

Right after we brought baby Bentley home from the hospital my family all got sick. It was really difficult to keep a toddler and his germs away from his baby brother! Everyone being sick is what started the breakfast in bed habit and once we were all feeling better Owen, big brother, was still insisting on having breakfast in bed (in my bed). So I just went with it. It felt like I was just in survival mode at that point! Oh and probably my favorite part of this is how Owen puts his horsie (his lovie) on baby Bentley’s head. This is how Owen sleeps and what he does when he’s sad and needs comforting so I just love that he shares it and puts it on Bentley too 🙂


Any nice day we spent outside because the last thing I wanted was more sickness so fresh air seemed like the best medicine! We had just got a new swing set and sandbox so Owen loved it and I think it helped with the transition for him. It was difficult for me to include baby Bentley into my day in the life since he didn’t really do much. He would just sit in his bouncer no matter where we were until he needed to eat.


My house is still a disaster but one thing I cannot stand are dirty floors. I hate looking at the dust on my furniture but that’s better than me stepping on crumbs in my house so I needed to keep up with the vacuuming to keep my sanity! Luckily Owen loves to help me 🙂 We also did a lot of hand washing and napping, thankfully Owen still naps!


Owen has been such a great helper and he loves his little brother so much. To be completely honest I am a bit surprised at how much he loves him. I feel like to a toddler a newborn is pretty boring and possibly even annoying because he cries and takes up Mommy and Daddy’s time, but Owen just wants to snuggle him and always needs to know where he is. It’s been a crazy but amazing experience and I can’t wait to see these two boys grow up together 🙂 As challenging as this day in a life was I am so glad I did it and I really can’t wait to do the next one and document these two goofballs again and again!


meandboys2Carlee lives in south eastern Massachusetts and is a wife and a mom to a 2 year old little boy. They are expecting number 2 in the spring! She started out as a studio portrait photographer but after having her son she realized she never cared about bringing him to her studio to have the perfect background, props and outfit. She wanted pictures of him that really show who he is in his natural surroundings. She wants him to someday look back and SEE his childhood, the home he grew up in and the things he loved. And she wants this for herself too! Life is going by way to quickly for Carlee and she’s so afraid to forget any moment, big or small. After all someday today will be the good old days! So photography helps her preserve every moment 🙂 She is currently transitioning from a studio portrait photographer to a storytelling photographer so she can also capture these real memories for her clients. Besides photography Carlee is also a graphic designer and designs custom wedding stationery and invitations for all sorts of events. She also loves sweets and lazy nights watching her favorite TV shows snuggled up in her PJs.