Day In The Life | Our Very Ordinary Day

I’m a firm believer that the very mundane, very normal part of our lives can be crazy beautiful.  These are the moments that truly make up our family – how we interact with each other when nobody else is watching, how we laugh, cry, and pitch fits….but mostly how hard we can love. Great big exciting days full of new adventures are always fun, but I also think our kids are going to love looking back on our life and knowing how we lived on a regular Tuesday in May 2015.  I sure wish I knew what my everyday looked like when I was 3 years old.

Below is a slideshow of our very ordinary day – May 26, 2015.  My husband worked nights, so he came home early in the morning and then headed to bed. The girls and I played and played, and then we walked my oldest to preschool.  My husband woke up and we did pre-school pick up, dinner, baths and bed. All in all, it was a great day.

To see more of our day, please check out the full blog post over on my blog.


DSC_0219-2 I live in the ‘burbs with my husband and 2 full-of-personality little girls, who continually teach me what unconditional love is and how to be a more patient person. Aside from kid giggles and the creak of the garage opening as my husband comes home from work, the sound of the shutter clicking is one of my absolute favourite sounds.  Coffee is a necessity not a luxury.   I don’t like a quiet house and tend to have music on most of the time – usually it’s country. I’m sure one day my kids will beg me to change the radio station, but for now they are ok with me teaching them the words to Fishing In the Dark.  I wish I could wear flip flops or my Toms every day of the year as I really loathe socks.  Having to put snow pants and mittens on my 3 year old makes me break out into a sweat (I trust I’m not alone on this one).  I have a passion for capturing life as it is. Right here. Right now. I crave authenticity and truth. I want images that make me smile, laugh, cry and take my breath away.

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