Day In The Life | On Vacation

A day in the life with three little kids is always an adventure- even more so while on vacation. We keep that in mind while planning our family vacations and choose to stay at kid-friendly places that are so close to home that it’s really more of a ‘staycation.’ This is our second year at this particular resort and we really love it.

The ‘Day In The Life’ images here are from our second day of our vacation. We all slept in (thanks to the black out curtains) and then started our day with some lemon poppy seed scones and greek yogurt that we had grabbed at the local Whole Foods on our way to the resort. After a vacation version of our typical morning routine we set off for more coffee and some exploring. The two big kids wanted to show Daddy what we had discovered on our pajama adventure the night before, including a “castle” with a tower and outdoor ballroom.  Next up was nap time- the baby is the only one who still officially takes naps, but he sat this one out and let the big boys take the naps. My daughter savored the quiet time by reading one of the many books she brought along- she loves to read and sneaks it in at any chance she gets. After this quiet time we were all ready for a full afternoon of swimming.

After hours of swimming, and about a million jumps into the pool, we were all ready to soak in the sun for a bit. My four year old needed a snack, the baby finally decided he wanted to nap, and my daughter was ready for more reading. The afternoon also included some vacation-y drinks for Mommy and Daddy, a few hours of pool party games with the resort ‘Fun Crew’ for the kids, burgers and fries poolside, and a few extra jumps in another pool on the walk back to our room. We gave the kids a bath to rinse off all the pool water and sunscreen and then got ready to go out for ice cream at a local tourist stop. The boys both fell asleep on the short drive there, thanks to all the sunshine and swimming. We all were impressed with the ice cream, but the littlest loved his the most! The ice cream shoppe was in a little art district part of town, so we got to check out some wild art on our way back to the car. The dinosaur was the most intriguing- the kids thought we needed him for our yard.

As we pulled back in to our parking spot at the resort we saw party lights and heard the DJ mixing some of the kids favorite songs. We went in to dance to a few songs and saw the teenaged-hoola-hooping friend the kids had met at the pool earlier, and joined him in some hoop-dancing. My four year old busted out some pretty sweet moves, naturally.

The night ended with the kids walking into the room and literally crashing down on the floor with happy exhaustion. I was super tired, too, especially since I was not only a participant in the activities of the day, but also the photographer. Shooting a day in the life is a lot more work than it appears, but is really worth the effort. The best part about shooting a full day in the life while on vacation is that you get a great set of images all at once and then feel like you can put the camera away and just enjoy being present the rest of the days of your vacation. Totally worth it!