Day In the Life | Montana Spring Hike Edition

Living in Montana, we often have long, cold and super snowy winters.  So it’s no surprise that when spring rolls around we are anxious to get out and start exploring again.  This spring has been especially rainy, so we were lucky to get out on this gorgeous day in late April for our first family hike together at Pine Creek Falls near Livingston, Montana.   Our kids are finally at the age that they can hike the round-trip two miles to the falls and back with limited whining and carrying.  Not to say that a little bribery in the form of granola bars didn’t come in handy.


BJK-2844            BJK-2859            BJK-2863BJK-2873            BJK-2877            BJK-2945BJK-2959            BJK-2992           BJK-3055BJK-3066BJK-3098            BJK-3106            BJK-3113BJK-3135            BJK-3166            BJK-3173BJK-3185            BJK-3215            BJK-3218BJK-3245            BJK-3277           BJK-3288BJK-3297BJK-3326            BJK-3398            BJK-3427BJK-3593            BJK-3642            BJK-3646                                         BJK-3694 BJK-3658            BJK-3715           BJK-3799BJK-3811            BJK-3754            BJK-3832

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Originally an east coast girl, Bianca now resides in the beautiful state of Montana in the Paradise Valley, just north of Yellowstone National Park.  She and her family spend most of their time together outside and enjoy camping, fishing, gardening, hiking, and floating the Yellowstone River in their drift boat.  Bianca is a FINE ART LANDSCAPE and OUTDOOR FAMILY STORYTELLING PHOTOGRAPHER that specializes in documenting the lives of those families that love being outdoors just as much as her family does.  It was through the BUSINESS OF TELLING STORIES WORKSHOP that she learned that IN-HOME FAMILY STORYTELLING was almost as fun as telling stories outside.  Almost.