Day in the Life | just another summer day in Minnesota

As a native Texan, I would say that I definitely took summertime for granted…until moving to Minnesota!  I quickly learned to try to make the most of every long, beautiful summer day, because there a just too few of them! We tend to stay busy on summer days with both outdoor and indoor activities, and try to squeeze in a little academics every week, you know, to keep the minds limber :). I even started golfing with my husband since moving here, because it’s just one more way to enjoy the outdoors.

This was my first attempt at shooting a Day in the Life, and I must admit, I totally underestimated how challenging it would be! I’m so, so glad I had the opportunity to complete one in the Business of Telling Stories workshop, because even though it was hard, and even though I know there are moments I forgot to include, I learned SO much. And, I know my entire family will love reflecting back on these days! I am totally going to give it another shot.

On this particular Friday, the girls worked on homework, my youngest had gymnastics, and we bought a birthday gift for a friend. In between, I prepped and cleaned meals, tidied up the house, and got showered and dressed (which is a luxury when it happens before 10 pm!). Then, a sitter came so my hubby and I could play a quick nine holes in a couples league. Unfortunately, bad weather meant the league play was cancelled, but were were able to get out and play a couple holes before sunset.

Lori DozierI am a wife, a mother, a native Texan, a loyal friend to both people and animals, and once upon a time (and occasionally on the weekends!), a licensed speech-language pathologist. I enjoy cooking, singing, reading, painting, impromptu dance parties with my two toddlers, and I love preserving life’s moments through photography!


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