Day in the Life | A Random Day in Houston

This was truly a random day in my life–I went to my morning job {Starbucks}, I went to CrossFit, and spent the rest of the day with my husband. He is currently between jobs, so sometimes we like to go to the movies in the afternoon. He had just received good news that he got the job he had been going to numerous rounds of interviews for, so we thought a nice evening of a movie and dinner would be a great way to celebrate. And now you get to see how early I go to bed, since I am Betty White.


me hat 2012I’m Christine. I am a transplanted Canadian now living with my wonderful husband in Houston, Texas. I fell in love with photography when I started taking pictures of the food I was cooking. Soon I was playing around with the light in my kitchen, trying to capture the best picture of my dishes. Then I took a class or three, started branching into taking pictures of CrossFit events,  my friends and their families and here we are!

I love working in natural light and capturing the organic moments as they happen. If you are quirky, nerdy and unique, {who isn’t??} I want to capture that. I am branching into sports photography, lifestyle photography and storytelling portraits.