Day in the Life | 8th time and it’s getting harder

It was the perfect timing for us to feature Day in the Lives on The Stories We Tell blog this month because I was due to photograph my 8th one! I’ve been doing it every 3 months since my first one, which I did during the first run of the Telling Stories with Lifestyle Photography workshop (wow say that 3 times fast…). At the time I only had one little boy and immediately got hooked on all the daily memories I captured. My 365 usually focuses on the main event that day (I’m going strong on my 2nd year with this project), whereas when I shoot a Day in the Life I am usually focusing on our routine and I choose a day that represents something we do every week, rather than the once a year we go strawberry picking or to the zoo, etc.

This one was by far the hardest one for me. Which is funny because you’d think I’d have this figured out by now. But really, it’s the whole being a Mom to 2 kids that I still don’t have figured out! So the photography takes a back seat. I feel pulled in two directions every second of everyday so adding a camera to that and having to THINK about what I want to capture is almost impossible for me. When I did my first Day in the Life with 2 kids I thought it would only get easier…ha ha ha I was SO WRONG. It’s just getting harder and harder! I wish I could have thought this through more but instead I just picked up my camera whenever I could and kept telling myself not to quit. And basically below is the result.

I also shot video during the day and I feel like the below images do not tell the entire story. So I put a slideshow together that you can see here. But for now here is what I got… It’s a school day, my oldest would sleep forever so I have to wake him up. He eats toast with butter almost every morning and after school we head right to Whole Foods where the boys eat their lunch while I shop for our groceries for the week. They help me put them away and then the baby takes his nap while my oldest plays for a bit and I make dinner. My husband comes home and we eat. The baby makes a huge mess every night so we strip him down and put him in the bath after dinner. Once he’s in bed big brother gets to stay up for another half and hour and play something with Mom and Dad. Then it’s a story and bed. Easy right….


meandboysCarlee lives in south eastern Massachusetts and is a wife and a mom to 2 crazy boys. She started out as a studio portrait photographer but after having her son she realized she never cared about bringing him to her studio to have the perfect background, props and outfit. She wanted pictures of him that really show who he is in his natural surroundings. She wants him to someday look back and SEE his childhood, the home he grew up in and the things he loved. And she wants this for herself too! Life is going by way to quickly for Carlee and she’s so afraid to forget any moment, big or small. After all someday today will be the good old days! So photography helps her preserve every moment 🙂 She is currently transitioning from a studio portrait photographer to a storytelling photographer so she can also capture these real memories for her clients. Besides photography Carlee is also a graphic designer and designs custom wedding stationery and invitations for all sorts of events. She also loves sweets and lazy nights watching her favorite TV shows snuggled up in her PJs.