Day in the Life | 3 Year Checkup

I’m always amazed at how time passes as one giant blur for me.  I have a little boy that isn’t quite school aged yet, so I guess that kind of comes with the territory.  While some people might wonder where their Tuesday went, I often find myself wondering where my May, or September, or January went.  Late last year I began photographing one day of my life each month (always around the 15th) in a project I call “Here and Now”.  I started the project to not only as a way to hone my photography skills, but also as a way to document and honor the time that seems to slip by me unnoticed.

Sometimes the day is eventful.  Sometimes the day is nothing more than housework and chasing after my son.  But no matter the day there is always a glimmer of beauty and the knowledge that one day down the road I will want nothing more than to relive these days, even the most mundane ones.

This particular day was nothing out of the ordinary.  Some laundry, my son’s 3 year old check up, and a quick afternoon treat at Starbucks for both of us.  A day that will vanish into my jumbled memories next week but is also now documented for years to come.

boy with bedhead plays with legos in bedboy in spot of light on stairsmaking coffee and unloading the dishwasherboy eats on couch while dog waitsfolding laundry with a toddlerToddler antics while getting dressedHaving lunch with Henry the tank enginegoing to the doctorcheckupeating a cookie at coffee shopHaving a snack at the coffee shopplaying trainscat dinner and people dinnertoddler picks at dinnerwaiting for Dad to get homeChild flip flops on wood floorfather reads son Bedtime storytoddler pets the cat sleeping on changing tablechecking phone after bedtimetoddler sleeping in black and whitedog asleep in bed with sneakers nearby

Erika Roa


Erika grew up in Kansas City but now finds herself quite at home amidst the giant evergreens of Washington state.  She is a mom to a fearless 3 year old, a wife to an incredible man that loves to travel about as much as she does, and a lifestyle/documentary family photographer.  For Erika, bad days can be turned around and good days can be made even better by good coffee, craft beer, yoga, or baking.