Basketball Fun with the Husband!

My husband and I have season tickets to the Rockets, so us getting dressed up is the norm. We love our bright red jersey’s and sometimes I bring my pom poms, usually during the play-offs. We have a nice ritual, where he drops me off at the door, I get him his peanuts and we cheer the night away. At the end of the night, we go through Discovery Green and look at the pretty lights and marvel at the people ice skating in 60 degree weather. Sadly (and ironically), the skating rink was closed that night because it was too cold! For real!

This post gives you a little insight into our typical evening, except for the fact that we usually go to dinner before, but because we are trying to be healthier we didn’t this evening.

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me hat 2012I’m Christine. I am a transplanted Canadian now living with my wonderful husband in Houston, Texas. I fell in love with photography when I started taking pictures of the food I was cooking. Soon I was playing around with the light in my kitchen, trying to capture the best picture of my dishes. Then I took a class or three, started branching into taking pictures of CrossFit events,  my friends and their families and here we are!

I love working in natural light and capturing the organic moments as they happen. If you are quirky, nerdy and unique, {who isn’t??} I want to capture that. I am branching into sports photography, lifestyle photography and storytelling portraits.