Apples and Checkups


I love shooting A Day in the Life and I was way behind on shooting one. You can see my last one on the blog here. I chose the day of Chloe’s 4 year check-up because I knew I would be taking my camera anyway. I must admit I was exhausted by noon 🙂


a day in the life colie james august 2014



colie james documentary family photographer denver

Colie is a storytelling documentary family photographer living the good life in Boulder, Colorado with her husband of fourteen years, James, and their daughter Chloe. She loves to tell the true stories of her clients, just as they are. While her love of photography started long before the birth of her daughter, it has taken on a life of its own as she strives to capture all of her own moments and now her clients. Colie is also the instructor of the photography workshops: The Art of Telling Stories and The Business of Telling Stories. Besides photography, she loves espresso, Thai food, any movie with Denzel Washington, and traveling.