A Day in the Life | A Kitchener Edition

I have always wanted to document a day in our life! It has been on my photography bucket list for a year now. So when we were asked to produce one for an assignment for The Business of Telling Stories Workshop I was pumped! Let me tell you, this is no easy task! Sure, as I sprung out of bed to grab my camera and start my day documenting, I was eager, some would even say over zealous. I snapped away enthusiastically throughout our morning routine. I captured all the details and moments. I thought to myself, “this is easy, I got this”! I was a bit cocky.  I quickly realized how hard this project really is! I missed some transitions, heck I think I missed a whole chunk of our day! As the day wore on, my arms grew tired and I realized I wasn’t grabbing the camera up nearly enough but I managed to pull up my socks and finish it with a bang! I learned some great lessons from this assignment and I’m happy to say that I will be doing more projects like this !  All in all, I really enjoyed this challenge and I’m excited to share my day with you today!


AnnMarie is a full time momma to three beautiful boys. A wife to a very supportive and loving husband and the owner of a family lifestyle photography company called One 33 Photography. Her first love is her family but photography doesn’t fall too far behind. She sees herself as a historian or anthropologist of the family, She takes great pride in documenting her family’s daily lives as well as her clients and she tries to never miss a moment. Coffee keeps her sane and a special treat for her is poutine (She is Canadian after all!) She loves all things lemon and is a chaser of light! If it’s golden hour and she is not making dinner with 3 kiddos at her feet then she somewhere outside chasing her loves into that dreamy light with her camera in her hands.