Typical Wednesday

Wow what a difference from the first “Day in the Life of Owen” I shot back in August. Really it’s only been 3 months but a lot has changed both in myself as a photographer and in my almost 2.5 year old, not to mention the weather! When I look at these images I see how independent he is getting, he wants to do EVERYTHING himself and he’s so determined to make it happen. We now take a sport class on Wednesday mornings which is why I wanted to shoot his “Day in the Life” on a Wednesday, it’s by far our busiest day together full of fun. Since Thanksgiving is only 3 days away I would like to say I am so thankful for Wednesdays, for the time we have together! I try to make a point not to do any work on Wednesdays so I can be there and play with Owen the entire day. As a photographer working from home I sometimes find it difficult to separate work and family so having this day together really helps! Sometimes we bake, sometimes we do crafts and on the days it’s nice we play outside. This Wednesday we baked πŸ™‚

Dear Owen,

You sneak into our room ever night around 2:00 (that hasn’t changed since August). We’ve decided to enjoy this time with you and have realized when you’re a teenager you won’t be climbing in our bed so we’re enjoying your snuggles. You wake up to Mickey Mouse Club House and dance to the Hot Dog Song! And look at that maternity pillow! That’s new since your last “Day in the Life”, you’re going to be a big brother in April!


Every Wednesday morning we have frozen waffles for breakfast together, when Daddy gets home he can always tell by smelling the maple syrup on you πŸ™‚ It’s a quick breakfast we both enjoy so we can get out of the house and to class! And below are two perfect examples of your independence. You have to be the one to turn the light on, all by yourself, and you drag those steps around with you everywhere so you can reach everything!


Now that it’s November you get bundled up to head out to class. You sometimes put up a fight about getting in the car but we play this new game about a lion on the loose so you quickly get in the car so we can drive “fast” so the lion doesn’t get us, you think it’s funny!


You love sports class and you’ve learned so much from it. You have to wait your turn and listen to your teacher. The stamp at the end might be your favorite part πŸ™‚ And after class we walk over to the open gym where you play with your best buds!


We try to visit Daddy after class if he’s working close by. You love to see Daddy and you would sit there all day just to watch the trucks…or as you call them, “cucks”.


Then it’s time for some play and cleaning. Cleaning and laundry are just as fun to you as playing with your toys. You love to help Mommy anyway you can. And I love it too, even if it takes me twice as long!


Sometimes we do a craft or play a game but today we decided to bake brownies before your nap. and yes you ate lunch first.


Ohh nap time. You still need your nap and you don’t put up a fight about it but you need to read your favorite 3 books first and then you want Mommy to “watch you” from the hallway while you fall asleep. I’m working on getting further from your room. This is a big change since August, you’re in a big boy bed!


After nap it gets dark early now. We wait for Daddy to come home and have dinner. Now that it’s getting cold you love to help Daddy make a fire in the fireplace, but on this day we did puzzles before bed. Oh and you look for the moon every night and now that the leaves have fallen off the trees we can actually see it! You have been so exited. You’re getting a bath every other night so it wasn’t bath night but we have PLENTY of pictures of you in the tub πŸ™‚


I love our Wednesdays together!


To see my first “Day in the Life of Owen” click here and I’ll discuss some of the things I’ve learned since then πŸ™‚



Carlee lives in south eastern Massachusetts and is a wife and a mom to a 2 year old little boy. They are expecting number 2 in the spring! She started out as a studio portrait photographer but after having her son she realized she never cared about bringing him to her studio to have the perfect background, props and outfit. She wanted pictures of him that really show who he is in his natural surroundings. She wants him to someday look back and SEE his childhood, the home he grew up in and the things he loved. And she wants this for herself too!Β  Life is going by way to quickly for Carlee and she’s so afraid to forget any moment, big or small. After all someday today will be the good old days! So photography helps her preserve every moment:-)She is currently transitioning from a studio portrait photographer to a storytelling photographer so she can also capture these real memories for her clients. Besides photography Carlee is also a graphic designer and designs custom wedding stationery and invitations for all sorts of events. She also loves sweets and lazy nights watching her favorite TV shows snuggled up in her PJs.