This is Home | Light & Details

We bought our home about a year ago and I knew I wanted it the second I drove by. Home is where I feel most relaxed. I love evenings after work with my husband and cuddling with the smushies in the family room. The light in that room is beautiful at golden hour and always makes me happy. I love our huge backyard. In the morning the light on fresh dew is amazing. On nice days, the dogs will play out there forever and I love the trees, the light, the expansiveness, the bunnies and the privateness. So although my home is covered in frenchie/boston decor I chose to focus mostly on the way the light falls in the home. If you look closely you’ll see pieces of me scattered throughout the light and shadow.

These remind me to slow down and appreciate the little things. This is home.


Minneapolis Photographer with frenchton puppy feeding bottle

Angela is a family lifestyle/documentary photographer based in Minneapolis, MN.  She is passionate about capturing our amazing, everyday stories.  She has two adorable Smush-children, Candy (Boston Terrier, 7) and Cookie (Frenchton, 1) who she is hopelessly obsessed with.

She loves white chocolate mochas with hazelnut, lazy-day Netflix marathons were her husband and traveling any place she can.

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