Telling Stories to the Birthday Girl

playing uno with dad

My baby turns 5 today and I am an emotional puddle of mush today.  Who am I kidding I have been a wreck for the last two weeks.  My one and only is getting so big and it just feels like yesterday she was only 5 pounds and was being swallowed by her car seat.  Seriously how did the time fly so quickly?  So many things have happened over the last five years I have lost count of the milestones.  I seriously can’t remember when she said her first word even if I remember it was da-da.  Is that normal?  I have a steel trap memory and things seem to be fading so fast.

happy birthday Chloe 1 to 4

As Chloe gets older the “why I take pictures” has shifted a bit.  Chloe is obsessed with watching her own slideshows, videos, and looking at images of herself from when she was little.  I am thankful for all the pictures I have taken of her over the last 5 years, even the ones that were out of focus and horrid with an iPhone.  She doesn’t have a memory of a lot of things I have taken pictures of.  Right now she keeps telling me that a few of her baby pictures are actually her cousin ‘Relia.  Swears up and down it isn’t her.  She only really gets it when she sees pictures of them together  What else can you do but laugh?

chloe and aurelia

On Saturday we had her first “friend” birthday party.  Until this year we would just hang out with her closest friends and have a playdate.  THIS year she asked for an actual party, even demanded it be at Chuck E Cheese.  She made her list of friends she wanted to invite and constantly asked if it was her birthday yet.  She even tried to swap birthdays with daddy so hers could be a week earlier.  Sorry baby, it doesn’t work like that.

This year it is all about Despicable Me.  She loves that movie.  All she wanted for her birthday was a Margo doll.  I looked high and low for one in stores and online and finally ordered one from Universal in Orlando. Then, after weeks of asking for a Margo, she tells me the day before her party she wants a fluffy white unicorn with pink hair.  “Can we look for one on the computer?  Mommy, just like Agnes”.  Overnight Amazon Saturday delivery for the win.  Not sure how long it will stay white, but I have never seen her happier.

hes so fluffybirthday partyplaying gameshe stole my cape

ticket booth

FUJI1911having ice creamballoons

So now our yearly two-week birthday celebration is concluding.  Every year on her birthday I whip out our first non-iPhone picture together.  Happy Birthday Chloe.  Mommy loves you!

chloe at hospital