bio pic (1 of 1)-3I’m a lifestyle photographer living in Oakland, California. I am married to my best friend, EJ, and together we have two children, Paloma (4 years old) and August (1 year old). I specialize in storytelling and portraiture photography for children and families. Photography is a way to preserve memories. As a mother of young children, I’ve often worried that I’m going to forget what they were like as newborns, as two year olds, as three year olds, etc. I never want to forget my son’s toothless grin or his early love of basketball, the rolls on my daughter’s 8 month old body, or how she now sticks her tongue out when she’s concentrating on drawing or writing her name. For me, photography is a way of honoring the sacred practice of storytelling. Through the act of remembrance, storytelling helps me gain further understanding and meaning of the human experience-the relationships that bond us and the experiences that define us.

Outside of photography, I’m also passionate about food, date nights, thrift store shopping, interior design,and working out (not necessarily in that order).