Pick Your Own Apples

Our family recently moved from the Houston suburbs to a tiny borough outside Philadelphia for my husband’s work. Let me just let that sink in for a bit!

To say the least, everything is different. And that has been a great thing!

One of the (many, many, many) local activities that our new friends and neighbors have recommended was a large “pick your own” farm.

We’ve done PYO before, namely at our local strawberry patch. BUT. This was picking on a much larger scale (who says everything is bigger in Texas, anyway?). According to the website, we would be going on the second day of open Honeycrisp apple season. These are my second favorite apple, so I was pretty jazzed. (First favorite apple? Pink lady/Cripps Pink, but I digress….)

We arrived and it was all about the boxes. Buy them. Fill them up. Carry them. Weigh them. Take ’em home!

pick your own_001pick your own_002

First adventure: tractor ride.

pick your own_003

He is so stinkin’ happy.pick your own_004

Interesting fact: three out of five family members listed the tractor ride as their favorite part of the day. Guess which three?pick your own_005

After a long drive, we disembarked in the vegetable patch to search for tomatoes, bell peppers, and eggplants.pick your own_006pick your own_007

This one was not so excited about picking, but was happy to carry the box! I am all for some good, old-fashioned child labor!pick your own_008pick your own_009pick your own_010pick your own_011pick your own_012pick your own_013

You would think we took certain family members on the Bataan Death March from how the behaved, BUT here we are on our way back to the tractor. Veggies: check!pick your own_014pick your own_015


We made a last-minute decision to grab some grapes! Wow! What a fun time! I wish the interwebs offered scratch and sniff images because the smell of this little concord grape orchard was just heavenly! Turns out I am not bad at finding grapes!pick your own_016

Just call him Chiquita Banana!pick your own_017

On yet another long tractor ride, the kids rallied and then we were back at the beginning for the real deal picking: Honeycrisp. I’m serious about my apples, y’all.pick your own_018

“Come on, guys! HONEYCRISP!”pick your own_019

pick your own_020pick your own_022pick your own_024pick your own_025

And that’s all she wrote, folks! The apples are amazing! The peppers and tomatoes have been eaten as snacks and became the world’s hottest roasted salsa (never, EVER let your husband convince you that “just a few habanero peppers” will be “great” for your salsa. My hands burned for two days), we’ll be roasting our varieties of eggplant this week and stuffing some bell peppers! Oh and the grapes? I made a grape pie! It turned out fantastic! We can’t wait to go back!