My Muse

Things have been pretty busy over here (probably for you, too, right?!) and when that happens I don’t pick up my camera as much.  It seems the longer it’s been since I’ve taken pictures, the harder it is to start again. In the past my remedy would have been to get Annie a cute new outfit, do her hair, and go out to a pretty location to shoot portraits. She is still definitely my muse, but now I like to go find her and start shooting just as she is in the moment. I get the real Annie, without posing (unless she does that on her own, of course!), and she can be in control of when she’s had enough camera attention because she can just move on to the next activity.

I love to look back at these photo stories and relive the details of that stage of life. Since taking these shots just the other day she has already lost another one of those cute little teeth and is scheduled to chop a couple of inches off her sun-streaked summer hair. It’s like I can’t even keep up with all the changes right now. The books keep getting thicker and her legs longer, but one thing remains the same: this girl will always be the muse of my art and the sparkle in my life.