Mud Kitchen Fun

One of my favorite parts of being a photographer is going to people’s homes and seeing what toys and things they have for their kids. I get all sorts of ideas! The best one yet may be a mud kitchen. I went to this little guy’s house and his Dad made him this awesome outdoor kitchen. I had never heard of a mud kitchen but when I saw it I knew it something my boys needed! Of course I jumped on pinterest and saw all sorts of mud kitchens! Some were super fancy and nothing I would ever be able to do and others were just simple. Well once my oldest saw this it’s all he could think about, literally, he woke up asking about making a mud kitchen, they were the first words out of his mouth when he opened his eyes!

Unfortunately it was a Monday so I was on my own, no husband home to help me build this thing! I didn’t want to spend a lot of money and I really shouldn’t be trusted with power tools. My Dad had pallets like what were used in the one I saw at my photo shoot but I couldn’t do that TODAY like Owen was demanding. So off to the dollar store we went with no real plan in mind. We found some kitchen supplies, little garden ornaments, and a $6 wooden shelf. I got home and still had nothing to put these things on. In the basement I found a piece of plywood and outside we have a tree cut up that fell down during one of the storms we had. My plan was to try to use those logs to hold up the plywood but I couldn’t even get them to stand up, even with “teamwork” like Owen suggested, they were just too heavy for us. So I found a recycle bin under our shed and that had to do for the day. Well turns out kids don’t need anything fancy to have fun. This worked out perfectly! They had a blast!!

I remember doing things like this as a kid. Except my “kitchen” was a stump and a hole in a tree in the woods. But now I’m too worried about ticks and poison ivy to let Owen loose in the woods. It makes me sad because I spent my days in the woods, in nature, playing. So this seems like a good compromise for now. We searched the yard for acorns, leaves and sticks so we could decorate our mud pies 🙂 We did this ALL DAY and I think it is my favorite day of the summer!


  • Jennifer - Adorable! your boys are very clean and neat for playing with mud.ReplyCancel

  • Erika - This is adorable!!!!! What a great idea.ReplyCancel