This is Home | Little Things

This project was really challenging for me. So many different things mean home to me and most of those things have to do with my kids. But I wanted it to be more than just my kids toys on the floor, although that is very much home right now! I tried to think about what might be meaningful to my kids as they get older and think back on what their childhood home was like. So I thought those things might be:

• the table we eat dinner at every night. we keep it set all fancy so that we don’t pile all of our crap on it when we walk in the door (like we used to do before we had kids and ate diner on the couch), so we move all the fancy stuff off when we eat at the table as a family- kind of a joke in our house.
• the elephants that are all around our house because I love them and believe they’re good luck
• lots of pictures because hey their Mom is a photographer of course
• the fake rose that my 3 year old bought me that I will NEVER put away
• the salt and pepper shakers that have followed my husband and I from our very first apartment when we were in college and I have no intentions of ever replacing them because, lets be honest, salt and pepper shakers are not really high on my list of important things to update BUT they are something we use every day and are part of our “normal”
• the quick dinners in the crock pot and the pile of dishes that we always have – shows how busy life is with 2 little ones
• our toothbrushes, we have way too many for 4 people in our house because my oldest changes his mind about his favorite tooth brush all the time, but this is a symbol of family and home to me – the place we end our day
• and lastly the two little symbols that children live in our home – a car and stuffed animal that completely stand out because they don’t “go” with the decor of our house but they are still very much part of our home



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