Kiddo’s Day Out

We have been busy renovating our kitchen over the past month which means our poor kiddo has been a little overlooked on top of being exiled from his play room (which shares the same space as our kitchen & dining).  So last week I decided I was long overdue on taking an afternoon just for him and I.

We went and played at the park which included a walk through the community gardens where we scored some fresh cherry tomatoes from a wonderful woman tending her little plot.  Then headed downtown for some ice cream, a walk down main street and a little pick me up at a coffee shop.


Erika Roa


Erika grew up in Kansas City but now finds herself quite at home amidst the giant evergreens of Washington state.  She is a mom to a fearless 3 year old, a wife to an incredible man that loves to travel about as much as she does, and a lifestyle/documentary family photographer.  For Erika, bad days can be turned around and good days can be made even better by good coffee, craft beer, yoga, or baking.