Hopscotch how can something so simple be so much fun.  I remember playing all the time when I was kid.  My mom painted a hopscotch onto the floor of our garage. Painted in bright red it went up to number 10. On weekends they would move the cars out the garage, and we would play hopscotch.  Toss the bean bag, then wobbly hop on one foot, 1 to 10.  Turn around and make your way back.  I am know my mom and my grandmothers played when they were little girls.  And now I get to watch my own girls play.  They laughed and giggled the whole time, and loved every minute of it.




New Orleans Photographer
By: Jennifer Vititoe – New Orleans, LA.
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Jennifer is a children and family photographer based in New Orleans, LA. She is an on location natural light photographer, that believes in capturing genuine and natural moments with her clients. She first fell in love with photography when her parents bought her a 35mm SLR has a college graduation gift. She recently rediscovered her love of film and now incorporates it into her client sessions. Jennifer finds her inspiration for photography from her two beautiful daughters and brand new baby boy.