This is Home | Home is Love

Home is.. love in its different forms. When I sat down to really think about what home is it was harder than I thought. I delved deep into what was it that made our house a home. I asked the kids what the words “Home is” means to them. For them it is cuddles and kisses, tickles and giggles, apple and cinnamon muffins, games and movies, special treats, time together, walking around the lake, playing together outside, riding bikes, holding hands. But the unanimous one was LOVE. They all said home is LOVE. To refine our love of home into a series of images I made a mind map of words by free writing the first thing that came to mind. It was a really interesting exercise how we all really didn’t put a lot of emphasis onto the material things but experiences and moments more than toys and belongings.

Home is..

belts and books always learning and pushing to new heightsHome is a series of documentary images detailing home by JLB Photography                                           Beds and blankies – that come together with cuddles and kisses, good mornings and sweet dreams.homeisbedsandblankies

chalkboards and cupcakes! Its the little things that the kids leave and do and love.. combining them often, we bake a lot, they draw a lot, its colourful and creative and fun!homeischalkboardsandcupcakes                                  clotheslines and cookies – The clothesline is one of the winners of my house. I love it! in the best spot of the yard to dry the clothes and teach the kids a few chores (and also how to try and swing off when mum isnt looking 🙂 ) and who can resist cookies! Mr L demands cookie dough about every week! I am slowly starting to find their favourites that get eaten before they go stale!homeisclotheslinesandcookies                                  cups of tea and coffee – its not uncommon for numerous cups of coffee and tea to be consumed with friends and family. Its such a constant and comfort thing to be able to sit for a while and chat to loved ones with a cup of teahomeistea                                  Its loft beds and legos – places to imagine and hide and play and dreamhomeisloftbedsandlegos                                  its cameras and computers – we love our technology and my kids don’t know of a time without a camera documenting their daily liveshomeiscamerasandcomputers                                          Its bikes and building forts, its football and soccer, its cricket and golf. its loud and its fun.homeisbikesandboys                                          its bubbles, blankies and bottles – little things that not last very much longer as they are growing up so fasthomeisbathsbottlesandblankies                                    and lastly is sunshine and seasons around our home. We are blessed to live in a town that sees the 4 seasons show off some remarkable changes to our town.homeissunshineandseasons                                      For our little corner of the world I hope that you have enjoyed a glimpse into how we see our home and loves!