Going to the Zoo

It seems like every so often, my toddler and I come across some really hard days where we do nothing but drive each other to tears. The last few weeks have been chock full of teething, colds and separation anxiety with days that drag on for far too long. When it seemed like nothing would pull us out of our funk, a trip to the zoo with some friends landed on our schedule and we both enjoyed the last fleeting weeks (or days) of sunshine in the PNW. I look at the pictures from this day and am reminded that those long, frustrating days don’t last forever (and that Silas LOVES the zoo). Sometimes all you need is to look at some cute animals to feel better.

Point Defiance Zoo and Aquarium photographyChild at aquarium photography Boy at aquariumMonkey at ZooMonkeysTiger cub and kidsTiger cub

Lunch at the zoo


Kids and elephantsHeading home




























































































































































































































Be sure to check out my blog for more pictures from our trip to the zoo.


Kayla Kayla is a birth, newborn and family photographer with a lifestyle/documentary style based in Tacoma, Wa where she lives with her husband and (nearly) two year old son. Once on a path to pursue a career in counseling, Kayla was swayed to focus on starting a family, which inadvertently led to pursuing photography.  She loves tattoos, a good cup of coffee and is a little bit more than obsessed with Harry Potter. She leads a spectacularly normal life and has made it her personal goal to photograph the mundane without boring her viewers.


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