Easter Cookies | A Details Story!

Cookies are one thing I say every year that we are going to decorate. Finally this year I actually managed to get organised and have all the supplies on hand for the kids to decorate to their hearts content! Of course the only cookie cutters we had were chickens and bunny’s so that is what we used! Having 5 kids aged between 2 and 10 decorating resulted in some interesting cookies! Some with fine detail others with colourful abandon and no restraint left to the amount left on the cookie! I kept the story to the details (including their hands as it was something different for me to explore!

Details of easter cookies a documentary story by JLB Photography

I discovered these little sauce bottles this year and they are perfect for decorating cookies!

decoratingcookies_JLBPhotography002All ready for the kids to start!decoratingcookies_JLBPhotography003Fresh from the oven and cooled…decoratingcookies_JLBPhotography004And Go! pick your colour, your accessory and dig in!
decoratingcookies_JLBPhotography005or just dump a tonne of sprinkles on the pile of icing! 🙂decoratingcookies_JLBPhotography006decoratingcookies_JLBPhotography007enjoy!