Day in the Life with Boys

When a photographer invites me to their home to document a day in their life I am a bit giddy.  When it’s a fellow member of The Stories We Tell I am over the moon.  I say invite because it takes a certain level of trust and familiarity to invite someone to fly across the country to come stay at your house for two days and photograph every detail of your life.  On the first day/night I spend my time getting to know the children and chatting with mom, whom I have often never met in person but who I have spent a significant amount of time chatting with online.  I am looking around your house, getting the lay of the land. plotting my shooting in my head even if nothing goes as planned the next day.  I might take a few snaps, but really I save the photographs for day 2.  It’s probably 14 hours of in your face, non-stop clicking of my shutter.  Not literally, but you get what I am saying.

take a picture of this cow

I was lucky and got to meet the whole family here in Boulder a few weeks before I flew out to DC to document their day.  Just so happens they have family in Denver that they were visiting over 4th of July weekend.  So I got to chit-chat with the boys over pizza and ice cream, yes you guessed, at Lucky Pie and Sweet Cow in Louisville.  This was awesome bonus because when I showed up at their house I was not a stranger, I was the lady they had met while bouncing on cows.

What to see what a day in the life is like with Sandi‘s four boys?  Click below.

Documentary Family Photography

Day in the Life Bristow, VA

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