Cabin Fever

It’s pretty widely known that the winters in the Pacific Northwest are long and gray and rainy.  Well that’s fine cause that is basically what winter is all about, right?  However, what makes winter particularly cruel out here is the fact that the Pacific Northwest is, I’m convinced, one of the most beautiful places on the planet so not going outside is just painful.  So toward the end of December I was struck with a solid case of cabin fever and insisted we just go spend time outside even if it was cold, damp and overcast.

My husband packed up the kid and I packed up my Nikon F100 and a roll of Porta 400.  We made a run through Starbucks for a bite to eat and then headed out to soak up some fresh air at Point No Point Park.

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Erika Roa


Erika grew up in Kansas City but now finds herself quite at home amidst the giant evergreens of Washington state.  She is a mom to a fearless 3 year old, a wife to an incredible man that loves to travel about as much as she does, and a lifestyle/documentary family photographer.  For Erika, bad days can be turned around and good days can be made even better by good coffee, craft beer, yoga, or baking.