Animal Sanctuary

Red Lodge, Montana, is one of our favorite places to visit.  We’ve gone up there for the food, the old time candy store, and the amazing playground.  Last week, we decided to head up there to visit the Yellowstone Wildlife Sanctuary.  It’s a fabulous place devoted to caring for animals that can no longer live in the wild.  We saw a multitude of birds, turtles, deer, owls, wolves, elk, bears and other creatures that have either been raised illegally and surrendered or were so critically injured that they can no longer care for themselves.  There’s even a deer whose best friend is a cat.  The cat moved in a couple years ago and they are now inseparable.

We brought the kids up there without telling them where we were going.  It was a surprise trip to the ‘zoo’, which I gave hints for as we went.  Sean was convinced that he was going to see snakes.  As you’ll see later, he was a bit pouty that he didn’t see any.  They both loved the turtle house, though, but Connor more so than Sean.  Sean decided his  favorite animals were the fox the wolf, because they were mean (insert eye roll) and Connor’s was the buffalo. Each of the boys got to bring one of their faves home after our tour 😉

A trip to Red Lodge wouldn’t be complete without ice cream and a trip to the playground.  This amazing playground is what Connor and Sean each think of when we say Red Lodge.  That, and pizza.  This time, though, we didn’t eat in town.  We decided to drive over the gorgeous Beartooth Highway and stop somewhere for a picnic.  We stopped for a break, where we discovered some very hungry squirrels that were just begging to be fed.  Obviously, some were braver than others (and that much fatter!)  Connor was in love right away.  Sean…not so much.  It took some convincing to get him to feed the little creatures but he sure was excited when he did!

We had a very full day of rare smiles caught on ‘film’, animals, scenery and a roadside dinner.  It’s a day I hope to recreate many times.  Next time I’m going to figure out how to take pictures of animals through chain link fences…it’s much harder than I thought!powell wy family photographer_0014powell wy family photographer_0015powell wy family photographer_0016powell wy family photographer_0017powell wy family photographer_0018powell wy family photographer_0019powell wy family photographer_0020powell wy family photographer_0021powell wy family photographer_0022powell wy family photographer_0024powell wy family photographer_0025powell wy family photographer_0026powell wy family photographer_0027powell wy family photographer_0028powell wy family photographer_0029powell wy family photographer_0030powell wy family photographer_0031powell wy family photographer_0033powell wy family photographer_0032
animals, ice cream, and roadside picnics.  It’s a trip I hope to recreate soon!


  • Sabrina - Sign us up, we want to go! Ah-mazing place! Wow! We would love to feed the chipmunks! And my boys would be pouty about not snakes (or fish!) as well! So fun!!!ReplyCancel