About the 90 Seconds Challenge

90 seconds june 2015

I first wrote about the 90 second challenge here on my blog in September 2013.  Be sure to visit the link to see how much Chloe has grown in two years, still in the same dress LOL.  I saw fellow photographer Brittany Putnam do a 90 second challenge with one of her fashion models and thought “that would be a great idea for kids”.  So I tried it on Chloe and as I admit, it wasn’t exactly 90 seconds.  To date I think it still might be my favorite 90 second challenge I have done.  As time moved on Chloe seemed to only be interested in doing one if there were props involved, a pink bucket on her head, a play camera, her stuffed dog Drew, etc..

Interested in doing a 90 second challenge?

My tips for doing this with a toddler:

  1. find a really good light source and a “clean” background
  2. give them a chair to sit in or mark a spot on the floor for them to sit/stand on
  3. come prepared with bribes (nothing makes her eyes light up like fruit snacks)
  4. do silly things to make them giggle so you get some authentic expressions (and maybe ONE cheesy smile)
  5. let them include their lovey or favorite book
  6. use an actual timer if they have a concept of time so that they know when the 90 seconds is up
  7. as an alternative to a timer have them sing their favorite song while you shoot (note: Let it Go might be a tad too long, but if they actually sing that make a video!!!)

Want to jump in there with them?  Use a tripod and a remote/interval timer!


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Colie is a storytelling documentary family photographer living the good life in Boulder, Colorado with her husband of fourteen years, James, and their daughter Chloe. She loves to tell the true stories of her clients, just as they are. While her love of photography started long before the birth of her daughter, it has taken on a life of its own as she strives to capture all of her own moments and now her clients. Colie is also the instructor of the photography workshops: The Art of Telling Stories and The Business of Telling Stories. Besides photography, she loves espresso, Thai food, any movie with Denzel Washington, and traveling.