A Wee Walk in the Woods

Checking on the chickens, walking in the woods, and picking apples.  When you’re almost two, these seemingly small tasks are the things you live for.  And being outside in your own backyard, big or small, is your special place.  I loved getting to document this family’s evening after dinner routine.  It’s one they take each night, and I feel fortunate that they invited me to tag along, camera in tow.

The things they wanted to remember included the excitement and helpfulness of their daughter when fresh eggs are found, the way she takes their hand and leads them through their woods, and the adorable connection she has with each of them.  These precious moments are fleeting, and all too soon will be replaced with other, different, stages of life.

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BJK_Selfiewkids-5200Originally an east coast girl, Bianca now resides in the beautiful state of Montana in the Paradise Valley, just north of Yellowstone National Park.  She and her family spend most of their time together outside and enjoy camping, fishing, gardening, hiking, and floating the Yellowstone River in their drift boat.  Bianca is a FINE ART LANDSCAPE and OUTDOOR FAMILY STORYTELLING PHOTOGRAPHER that specializes in documenting the lives of those families that love being outdoors just as much as her family does.  It was through the BUSINESS OF TELLING STORIES WORKSHOP that she learned that IN-HOME FAMILY STORYTELLING was almost as fun as telling stories outside.  Almost.