90 seconds to a mothers day image

90 seconds is the challenge for the month! I have been determined to be getting in the photos with my children as close to daily for the last few weeks as I can manage. Mothers day I figured gave me more determination to get in the images especially today. So it turned out to be a 90 seconds to a mothers day image!
Well apparently leaving it until 5pm on a day where Lachie did not nap, had been ten pin bowling for 2 hours and we hit the arsenic hour with a vengeance! yup fabulous idea right? um let me just say that the power of m&m’s is magical! The bigs were stoic and in all honestly pretty awesome at ignoring the toddler tantrum, avoiding the flailing limbs!   Daz got drafted to be photographer. I found the light I wanted, we moved the furniture and started…
here is our 90 seconds to a mama portrait with her kiddos 🙂

90 seconds of motherhood by JLB photography

and in the end it was one of the last frames that gave me the portrait I was happy with! But I have to say though that I love that there are so many images that we are together!

90 seconds motherhood portrait by JLB Photography