90 second breakfast

I did this 90 second challenge right before my baby’s first birthday. I wanted to capture his personality and I thought this was the perfect way. His favorite thing to do is EAT, he is obsessed with all food and would eat all day long if I let him. He is silly yet demanding. he knows what he wants and when he wants it, but since he doesn’t talk yet I don’t always know what he wants! So we started some sign language. he does “milk”, “more” and “all done”. We really should teach him “food” since his sign for food is just to scream, this could also be because he’s super impatient, are there patient one year olds? He also loves to pretend to feed me, but I’m not really allowed to eat it, I just have to make the pretend eating noises with my mouth. And then when he wants out of the high chair HE WANTS OUT!