8th Birthday Ear Piercing

topMy youngest daughter, Parker, has wanted her ears pierced for years now. But we made her wait until her 8th birthday. I’m not exactly sure why, but for some reason this seemed like a huge milestone to me. Perhaps because she was so excited or perhaps because the choice was solely her own. But I really wanted to document this, even with the bad lighting and generic mall setting. As cheesy as it sounds (and yes, I know it sounds cheesy), I still look around sometimes and wonder, “but where did my little girls go? I swear they were just toddling around in diapers a few minutes ago.”


After watching her younger sister go first, Freya surprised us all by announcing she wanted her ears pierced too.

birdsWhen we returned to the parking lot, we watched a huge flock of birds swoop all over the sky. Almost as if they were dancing for us.



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