5-Year Anniversary Celebration

This past weekend my husband

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and I celebrated it being 5 years to the day that we met in person {we met online}. To celebrate, we recreated the things we did the first time we met–we stayed at the same hotel, in the same room, ate at the same restaurants, went to the movies and the Museum of Natural History. It was a nice, relaxing weekend and we had a great time.


We met at the hotel to start our weekend!

blog 5 year anniversary1

blog 5 year anniversary2

The check-in had cookies! Don’t mind if I do…

blog 5 year anniversary4

blog 5 year anniversary5

blog 5 year anniversary6

Then we went out to dinner, and saw this sunset.

blog 5 year anniversary7

blog 5 year anniversary8

blog 5 year anniversary11

blog 5 year anniversary9

And then we went off to the movies!

blog 5 year anniversary12And we might have snuck a milkshake in but shhhhh!

blog 5 year anniversary13

The next morning, I brought Robert breakfast to him

blog 5 year anniversary14

And then we went to Starbucks! YUM

blog 5 year anniversary15

blog 5 year anniversary16

There were storms on the way to the museum…

blog 5 year anniversary17

blog 5 year anniversary18

blog 5 year anniversary19

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blog 5 year anniversary20 bnw

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blog 5 year anniversary23

After the museum we wanted to re-create a picture we took 5 years ago…

blog 5 year anniversary24

And then we wanted ice cream!!

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Then we went for a walk around the neighborhood we used to live in.

blog 5 year anniversary32

We retired for the evening to our laptops, our favourite thing!

blog 5 year anniversary33

blog 5 year anniversary34

In the morning we went to Pappa’s Seafood for Robert’s birthday! We met his parents.

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blog 5 year anniversary36

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blog 5 year anniversary37

Then we had to pack up and leave the hotel 🙁

blog 5 year anniversary39

blog 5 year anniversary40




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